JSA/JHA Writing

We can write the current procedures that you may have into a draft JSA/JHA which will then generate the other base documentation this program provides.

There are arguments for and against pre-written JSAs/JHAs but the reality is that a pre-written JSA/JHA allows the reader to look at all the hazards that your Company’s team members have thought of over time, referring to previous incidents and as a collective – not just the ones the individual can think of before starting the task at hand. The lack of deep and meaningful contemplation results in few (if any) obvious hazards identified and sometimes non-effective controls.

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Purchase Draft Database

KIS also has a number of ‘generic’ draft JSAs / JHAs that you may wish to purchase.

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Introduction to JSA/JHA Writing

4 hour session in how to write a JSA/JHA. (2 hours instruction/discussion. 2 hours practice review).

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Hazard Identification & Management Workshops

Do your people recognise a hazard or what to do if they see one? Our recent studies find that most don’t.

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