Introduction JSA/JHA Writing

Not everyone can write a meaningful JSA/JHA. This is not a criticism but a statement of fact. Unfortunately in a lot of places visited over the years it has become obvious that the reasons why we write a JSA/JHA are not being explained and what we are looking to get out of them is seen as an irritation or a waste of time. In fact a lot of JSAs/JHAs written by some employees are identical e.g.

  1. “Go to job, Trip Hazards, Remove or avoid trip hazards”;
  2. “Do job, Pinch Points, Wear Gloves”, and the last step being:
  3. “Leave job, Trip Hazards; Remove tools.”


This is NOT what you want to see but unless you provide your people with the training (or employ those that have already had it), what else do you expect to see?


Whilst this training course that has been put together is not intended to make Rhodes Scholars out of those that attend (including the presenter), it does explain the Why, What, When and How.


We have found that in recent case studies that less than 20% of people within an organisation have been exposed to writing a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Job Safety Analysis (JSA). This figure also applies to people having seen a JHA or JSA. To overcome this problem and to raise awareness in the benefits of carrying out a JHA prior to a task commencing, we have developed a 4 hour training course to introduce your workforce as to the why, what, when and how in JHA writing. The feedback from the courses held to date has been extremely positive and comments such as “best course I have ever been on”; “now I fully understand what people are talking about”; “it makes a lot of sense when you think about it” have been received from the participants.


Key Benefits

  • Raise awareness of hazards and controls in the workplace
  • Explains the history and why we do it
  • Logical approach to the task at hand