JSA/JHA Purchase

KIS Safety has been developing JSAs / JHAs for over a decade, both independently and with various clients. We have found that each client is different in (as are you) in the way they do things. This is because of legal requirements and interpretation, environmental considerations, type of equipment used, types of chemicals used, base skill levels of the people employed and management beliefs (to name a few reasons). Whatever the reason for their diversity, a number of sets of draft documentation have been put into a database with the intent that these can be purchased as separate units to enable those businesses with the ability (time) to modify them to their specific requirements or direct the KIS personnel as what needs modification.


Generic JSA/JHA Availability List


Key Benefits

  • Thousands of hours of preliminary work already completed;
  • Style and data already done; and
  • Purchase only those areas relevant to your business/operations.


N.B. It is important to note that regardless of whether you write your own JSAs / JHAs or purchase drafts written specifically for you or the generic sets offered, you MUST consult with the personnel carrying out the work as to fulfil the requirements of the WHS Act.