JSA/JHA Writing

If you have your own procedures that have been developed over time, there is generally a lot of thought and effort that has gone into their content. Where these procedures exist they need to be retained and entered into the KIS Safety database to enable the alignment and production of all the other documentation that KIS can provide.

It is a requirement in aligning to ISO 31000:2009 on Risk Management that tasks carried out within a business are listed, assessed and analysed before producing a procedure. Where a lot of companies fail to comply is they simply produce a procedure without any underpinning assessment, analysis or forethought.

A typical scenario is that replacement personnel e.g. Safety Officers, Business Managers, Owners etc. come into the company and inherit the ‘system’ and due to time constrains are forced to run with ‘what we have’.

Another scenario is the small business owner, develops a business and pours their time into product or service development and marketing their product. Whilst this person knows enough to keep themself safe through past experiences (and sometimes close shaves with injury), as they reach a point where business maintenance or development occurs (putting on new people etc.) it now becomes increasingly important to put into writing a ‘Safe System of Work’ to meet their legal requirements e.g. Model Occupational Health & Safety Laws, and satisfy their Workers Compensation Insurer’s compliance needs.

Whatever the scenario, KIS Safety can help you in meeting your compliance requirements by writing the draft JSAs / JHAs for your final amendments / approval.


Key Benefits

  • Provides an additional short-term resource to write the documentation you want;
  • Aligns and adapts your existing documentation; and
  • Allows for the selection of ‘what’ documentation you want to be converted.


N.B. It is important to note that regardless of whether you write your own JSAs / JHAs or purchase drafts written specifically for you or the generic sets offered, you MUST consult with the personnel carrying out the work as to fulfil the requirements of the WHS Act.