The KIS Safety Risk Management Software Program ©

The KIS Safety Risk Management Software Program © provides the framework which helps your business align to ISO 31000:2009. Assists you in compiling the Job Safety Analysis (JSAs)/Job Hazard Analysis (JHAs) on the many and various tasks carried out by the people in your organisation from top to bottom. These JSAs/JHAs are set to view the task’s steps from a Safety / Financial / Environmental / Production perspective or other measurements suiting your business needs e.g. Public Perception, Heritage etc.

Involving your people for their inputs and review are both recommended and necessary to not only give ownership and improved understanding but is a requirement under the Work Health and Safety Laws.

From these base JSAs/JHAs developed by you and your people, the base Safe Work Procedures, Task Observations, Observation Schedule and a Practical (or Competency) Assessment are produced.

The JSAs/JHAs are version controlled and as the processes are improved or changes occur, it is a simple matter to update the steps, hazards or controls and save as the next version whilst the previous version is archived. The change is updated throughout the rest of the program’s documents at the press of a button.

This program has been specifically designed for ease of use and to assist management in ensuring their employees’ skills and competencies are established, reviewed, maintained and corrected on a scheduled basis to ensure a ‘safe system of work’ (WHS Act 2011).

The documented information is inputted into database (Microsoft® SQL Server®) in your main computer server. If you don’t already have SQL Server® – don’t worry, Microsoft® have a free download available from their website which we will obtain and install for you. We will also install the KIS Safety Software on your computer, check its operation and train its use using remote technology. In other words, purchase the program and we’ll set it up.

If you require help in inputting the documentation you already have OR placing draft documentation into the system to get you started then please read our introductory information on writing JSA/JHAs.


Using the KIS Safety Risk Management Software


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