To Whom It May Concern

14 Months ago the KIS Safety Risk Management System was introduced to the Central Norseman Gold Harlequin Underground Mine. This came about as we had decided to change from contract mining to owner operator and we needed a simple but comprehensive programme to replace the contractor’s system.

After reviewing a number of alternatives we chose the KIS Safety Risk Management System as it met all our criteria along with the approval of the Mines Inspectorate.

The Systems implementation was comprehensive and we involved all of our underground employees in our operation in its design and application. Our people find it easy to use and are continually coming up with safety improvement ideas.

The KIS Safety Risk Management System allows us to verify and formally record our operators ongoing skills and competencies in a structured way and assists us to promote safety, financial and environmental awareness daily.

I have found the System to be inexpensive to implement and operate. It requires only 8 to 10 hours of my administrative time per month and places the responsibility of managing a safe work place with everyone – not just the Safety & Training Officer.

Since its introduction we have recorded a dramatic reduction in Lost Time & Medically Treated Injuries plus reduced damage to our equipment & plant.

I have no hesitation in recommending the KIS Safety Risk Management System to any business and I am available for verbal confirmation of the above via telephone on (08) 9039 9903.

Yours sincerely
Gary Murphy
Safety & Training Officer
Harlequin Decline
Central Norseman Gold Corporation
Western Australia. 6443